The Journey to Self-Love: A Conversation with Natalie Stavola

Natalie Stavola is a certified life and love coach, NLP practitioner, actress, writer, and producer.

She helps people overcome their current situation and end toxic cycles so they can achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of. She is an example of the transformative power of self-love and personal growth.

Born in a family that discouraged her from pursuing her dreams, Natalie took refuge in studying psychology and communications.

However, her artistic soul couldn’t be suppressed forever, and she eventually found her way back to acting and writing. Through her work, she shows the hero’s journey of getting through life’s difficulties.

Her journey was not without challenges. Natalie had to overcome abusive relationships, abusive bosses, self-sabotage, and alcoholism. She hit rock bottom and got sober, and she’s now over five years sober.

Natalie’s clients have had incredible breakthroughs, including promotions, awards, marriage, and personal growth.

She shows them the way to overcome pain, shame, trauma, and toxic relationships, just as she did for herself.

Natalie’s Unique Qualities

Natalie’s smart wit and edge of mischief, combined with deep care and fight for her clients, make her unique in the industry.

Her strength, vulnerability, and humor make people feel comfortable and not judged. She’s authentic and relatable, and she’s done the work herself to feel that way.

The Moment She Realized She Was on the Right Path

Natalie’s moment of realization came when she won the best actress award at a film festival in Miami for the film “Love and Hostages.” She didn’t think she stood a chance and was barely able to afford to fly there.

Her mentor, Garry Marshall, believed in her and helped pay for her flight. When she heard her name being called, she couldn’t believe it.

Her dad had to remind her to get on stage to accept the award. Seeing her dad tear up and feeling the pride of everyone in the audience, Natalie knew she was on the right path.

Natalie’s work is a testament to the transformative power of self-love and personal growth. She encourages people to look within themselves and find the strength to overcome their challenges.

She is a beacon of hope for those who are struggling and looking for a way out.

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