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Meet Jason Zlatkus: The Rising Actor Taking the Industry by Storm

In the entertainment industry, it’s not easy to make a name for oneself, but Jason Zlatkus has proven himself to be an up-and-coming actor to watch.

With a passion for acting and a drive to succeed, Zlatkus is quickly gaining recognition in Hollywood for his talent and dedication to his craft.

From playing the “bad guy” to the “good guy” hero, Zlatkus is a versatile actor that has already left a lasting impression on audiences.

One of his more well-known roles is Hunger Halter, an advertising superhero for Feeding San Diego and the San Diego Comic-Con Museum, which is fighting food overproduction and waste.

However, despite his talent, Zlatkus still faces challenges.

In an interview with The LA Note Magazine, Zlatkus shared his journey in the entertainment industry, his aspirations and challenges, and how he overcame them.

The Start of a Dream

Growing up, Zlatkus always dreamed of being an actor. However, he found himself working in a toy store as an adult. It wasn’t until he was “found” by a woman who trained him for modeling that he realized his potential in the entertainment industry.

After he was given the opportunity to be in an independent film, Zlatkus knew he had found his calling. Despite being nervous, he felt an overwhelming sensation that this was what he was supposed to be doing.

From there, he connected with as many actors and moviemakers as he could, auditioned for any role, and it was working. He was well-received by the incredible community of people in the industry, and he loved it.

Overcoming Challenges

One of Zlatkus’ biggest challenges in the industry was his lack of training as an actor. However, with determination, he found the right acting classes and teachers to help him improve his craft. It took some ego-crushing, but he was lucky to find some great teachers.

He also learned a lot about marketing and sales through his previous work owning a toy store, which he now applies to his acting career.

Zlatkus has also been stereotyped as the “bad guy” due to his height and deep voice, but he is far from it. He enjoys having fun with other actors and crew members on set and is always on the lookout for the most fun behind-the-scenes photos.

What’s Next for Zlatkus?

Zlatkus’ talk show, “Coffee Breaks Thursdays with Jason Zlatkus,” is a space for him to get to know other working actors and share the realities of being an actor. He aspires to be truly involved with other actors and creating meaningful projects.

Zlatkus is a rising star to watch in Hollywood. With his passion for acting, dedication to his craft, and his desire to make a difference in his community, there is no doubt that he will continue to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

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Last modified: February 23, 2023