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One Man’s Quest for Olympic Gold: The Story of Andrew Mackiewicz

Meet Andrew Mackiewicz, a creative, DJ, and team USA Olympic Fencer, who has been fencing for over 18 years and is on a mission to win the Gold in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

But his aspirations don’t end there. Mackiewicz wants to use his platform to inspire others to chase their dreams, regardless of the sacrifices and challenges that come with it.

Despite being an accomplished athlete, Mackiewicz is not one to be pigeonholed. “Ya, I’m a fencer, but so much more than that too,” he says. “I’m an athlete that DJs, is a Star Wars nerd, and a dreamer.”

His infectious enthusiasm for life is rooted in a childlike curiosity and an unwavering commitment to finding the good in the world.

Mackiewicz’s AH-HA moment came when he competed in the Tokyo Olympics. “Being on the world’s biggest stage and maximizing my Olympic experience instilled a new hunger in me,” he recalls.

“I was initially going to hang up the saber and mask after I competed in Tokyo, but I realized this was only the beginning of my journey.”

But Mackiewicz’s path has not been without its challenges. As a fencer, he’s had to contend with a sport that isn’t as popular in the US as others. As a student-athlete, he struggled to balance his schoolwork and competitions, and experienced bullying from classmates.

But the biggest challenge he faced was a mental health crisis during his junior year at Penn State. Faced with failing grades, poor competition performance, and an uncertain future, Mackiewicz found himself in a dark place.

But thanks to the support of a father-figure in the fencing community, he was able to find the strength to believe in himself and his abilities.

As Mackiewicz looks to the future, he remains focused on achieving his dreams, but he’s also committed to inspiring others to do the same.

“I want to represent the possibility to others that any dream is attainable by just taking a risk and getting started,” he says. “You’ll have to get used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable. I was once a kid with a dream of making it to the Olympic Games – I’ve obtained that but believe I’m just getting started.”

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Last modified: February 15, 2023