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Pasqualé Domain: Elevating Creativity in Modeling and Music

Pasqualé Domain


I’m Pasqualé Domain, a Louisiana native who embarked on a journey to Atlanta to pursue my passions in modeling and music. Since then, I’ve delved into the vibrant world of the film industry, making waves in music videos, TV, and movies.

Embracing Uniqueness: What Sets Me Apart

What sets me apart in this dynamic industry? It’s my adaptability and versatility. Whether it’s striking a pose on the runway or penning soul-stirring lyrics, I thrive in diverse creative landscapes. My ability to seamlessly transition between modeling and music allows me to carve a unique niche in the entertainment world.

The Epiphany: A Moment of Clarity

The spark that ignited my passion was the completion of my first photo exposé. From there, I found myself gracing runways and landing feature roles in acting projects.

It was a transformative experience, fueled by the encouragement of a dear friend who believed in my potential. Since then, I’ve embraced print modeling and ventured into the realm of acting with unwavering determination.

Confronting Challenges: Triumph Over Self-Doubt

My greatest adversary? Myself. The insidious trap of comparison and self-doubt has been a formidable challenge on my journey. Yet, I’ve learned that comparison is the thief of joy.

Instead of succumbing to feelings of inadequacy, I channel them into motivation to elevate my craft. Every accolade I see in others serves as a catalyst to push myself further, ensuring that I never settle for mediocrity.

Dream Encounters: Aspiring to Greatness

In the constellation of industry icons, three luminaries beckon with the promise of mentorship and growth:

  1. Naomi Campbell
  2. Tyra Banks
  3. Tyson Beckford

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