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Kymberly Harris: Empowering Actors Through Passionate Coaching and Workshops

Kymberly Harris

Introducing Kymberly Harris

I’m Kymberly Harris. My journey in the entertainment industry began at the age of six with theater and musical theater. Acting was a daily part of my life, especially in New York City, where I also started writing plays.

As I transitioned to directing film and theater, I realized that great acting is the heart of captivating performances. When I’m not directing, I coach actors and offer workshops, creating a space for actors to discover their unique talents, grow, and take risks in a safe, supportive environment.

What Sets Me Apart

My deep understanding of the craft of acting, gained from my favorite directors, is central to my coaching. I am passionate about helping actors reach new heights in their work while identifying and meeting the needs of their roles.

In light of recent industry flux, it’s crucial for actors to remain proactive. My workshops are designed to foster growth, provide professional credits, and offer actors a platform to showcase their work.

Types of Workshops Offered

I offer various workshops aimed at different aspects of acting. These workshops are designed for actors looking to hone their craft, gain professional credits, and engage in a collaborative environment. Each workshop focuses on script analysis, character development, and practical skills, tailored to help actors achieve their best performances.

Discovering My Calling

There have been many moments where I felt truly aligned with my purpose, whether on set, on stage, or in workshops.

These moments often come during magical breakthroughs when performances reach new heights, creating a powerful collective energy.

Great acting has the transformative power to affect both actors and audiences deeply. Witnessing this transformation affirms that I am doing what I was born to do.


“The Big Picture” workshop is an intensive program culminating in a professionally directed play. Actors can expect comprehensive script analysis, character work, and a unified vision that brings the play to life.

This workshop not only enhances their skills for future auditions and projects but also provides an invaluable professional experience.

Overcoming Challenges

One of my biggest challenges was staying connected to my senses and intuition, which are crucial for an actor. My training has given me a keen understanding and intuition about what each actor needs.

Every actor is unique and requires a tailored approach to connect with their character deeply. I use various techniques to help actors investigate their own humanity and bring authenticity to their roles. The results of these methods are evident in our performances.

Influential Figures and Career Growth

Currently, I am networking with showrunners and producers for a television series and am keen to meet producers who prioritize representation and diversity on screen. My advice to actors is to continually invest in their growth.

Take workshops, stay in practice, and remain open to learning. Each character and experience can teach you something new and elevate your craft.

Advice for Actors

For actors considering signing up, my advice is to commit fully to yourself and your craft. Stay curious and connected to your passion for acting.

Treat your rehearsal and study time with the respect it deserves, as it reflects how others will perceive your work. These workshops are professional opportunities, and your commitment will set the foundation for your success.

Connect with Kymberly Harris

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Last modified: May 21, 2024