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Sonia Leigh: The Versatile Artist Breaking Genre Mold

Atlanta-born Sonia Leigh is an independent recording artist and songwriter at BMG, known for her versatility and ability to perform and create music in all genres.

In an interview with The LA Note Magazine, she shared her thoughts on standing out in the industry and pursuing her dreams.

Leigh’s love for music began at a young age, and she wrote her first song at just 10 years old. It was at age 12 when she realized the impact her music could have on others.

“In The Middle of A Teardrop,” one of her first songs, made a grown man cry. This moment solidified her love for songwriting and pushed her to improve even more.

Leigh’s career highlights include singing with Melissa Etheridge on a cruise, a moment she had dreamed of since she was 14 years old, and touring with Zac Brown Band.

However, Leigh’s biggest challenge came during her tour with Zac Brown Band when her mother was going through terminal cancer. Leigh found it difficult to balance her emotions and her career during that time, and it taught her a lot about what success meant to her.

Looking forward, Leigh has her sights set on collaborating with top industry professionals, including Rick Rubin, Sia, and Lorne Michaels. She hopes to work with Rubin to create a powerful, magical record that showcases her diverse range of talents.

Leigh also admires Sia’s brilliant and unique voice and story and dreams of working with her. Lastly, as a lover of comedy, Leigh hopes to present some of her ideas for skits to Lorne Michaels and one day perform on Saturday Night Live.

Leigh’s journey in the music industry is an inspiration for all aspiring artists who want to break free from the genre mold and pursue their passions.

With her undeniable talent and drive, it’s only a matter of time before Leigh reaches new heights in her career.

Stay tuned for Leigh’s upcoming single, “Thin Ice,” set to release on February 24, 2023.

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Last modified: March 3, 2023