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Stepping Up to Fear: How Michael Hines is Pursuing His Hollywood Dreams

Michael Hines is an up-and-coming actor who is pursuing his dreams in TV and film. Though the path is not always easy, Hines is willing to bet on himself to make it in the competitive entertainment industry.

Driven by Storytelling and Connecting with Audiences

For Hines, acting allows him to pursue his passion for storytelling and making meaningful connections with audiences.

“Having that feeling that people come up to me telling me that I made a huge impact on their lives makes me feel whole and complete,” he explained. Hines aims to move people with his performances.

Embracing Fear and Seizing Opportunities

What makes Hines stand out is his refusal to let fear hold him back and his ability to view life as a chance to make a difference.

“I’m not afraid of fear, I’m the type that likes to step up to fear itself and take it head on,” he said. This willingness to take risks and seize opportunities is serving him well on his journey.

A Moment of Clarity on Stage

Hines recalls performing in the play Choir Boy as a definitive moment when he knew acting was his calling. Seeing the audience’s emotional response confirmed for him that he was on the right path to becoming an artist.

Overcoming Challenges and Following His Dreams to LA

The move to Los Angeles posed Hines’ biggest challenge so far. While he had a place to stay, he didn’t yet have a job lined up.

But Hines acted relentlessly to find work his very first week in the city, proving his determination to follow his dreams.

Drawing Inspiration from the Greats

When asked who he would want to meet to further his career, Hines named Will Smith, Kevin Hart, and Denzel Washington.

He looks to these actors for inspiration because of their stellar work and tireless work ethics. Hines hopes to one day collaborate with artists like them.

Michael Hines is clearly someone willing to give his all to make it in Hollywood. His commitment to his craft and ability to tackle challenges head-on show great promise for his future.

We look forward to seeing more of this rising talent.

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Last modified: August 8, 2023