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Caleb Frazier: The Resilient and Adaptable Artist Bringing Hope Through His Music

Caleb Frazier, also known by his artist name Apex Frazier, is a 21-year-old immigrant living in Southern Ontario.

Despite battling FSH muscular dystrophy for the past five years, Caleb has not let it dampen his spirit or his passion for creating music. In fact, his music has become his escape and a place for healing.

In a recent interview with The LA Note Magazine, Caleb shared that his music aims to bring hope and healing to anyone who listens. And with his unique and diverse style, he hopes to stand out in the industry and make a difference.

Adversity has been a constant companion for Caleb, starting with adapting to a broken home as a child, moving countries in high school, and then developing a muscle disease.

However, his resilience and adaptability have helped him grow and become the artist he is today. Caleb’s music has recently gained more attention, with 10x more streams this year due to his ability to adapt his content to a more widely accepted style of branding.

For Caleb, the moment he realized he was born to be an artist was when his older brother texted him late one night in 2016.

His brother had listened to one of his songs on SoundCloud and told Caleb that it made his best friend cry and was life-changing for them both. That was the spark Caleb needed to know that he was truly built for this.

Caleb’s biggest challenge has been his health. After being diagnosed with FSHD in 2016, Caleb’s body began to shut down, and he was confined to an electric wheelchair by 2020.

However, through his faith, proper diet, and therapy, Caleb has been able to regain a small amount of strength and largely left the wheelchair behind.

Caleb has set his sights on meeting three individuals who could elevate his career or business. The first is Jon Bellion, whom Caleb admires for his talent and insight on how music works.

Caleb is also interested in getting into writing more for others, as Bellion has done for many popular artists.

Nic D is another person Caleb would love to talk to and learn from for the marketing side of things. Finally, as a niche nerd pick, Caleb would love to meet nobigdyl, who he believes would be a great resource for balancing faith with being an independent artist.

Through his music, Caleb Frazier has shown that he is resilient, adaptable, and passionate. He is a young artist with a bright future and is sure to inspire many more people through his journey.

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Last modified: March 15, 2023