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The Empathetic Actress: Angelique Maurnaé’s Secret to Success

Angelique, an actress living in LA, is on a mission to pursue her creative heart and leave her mark in the entertainment industry. With her strong sense of empathy, control over her emotions, and a deep love for acting, she is determined to overcome adversity and prove that she is here for the long haul.

In a recent interview, Angelique shares her journey, the qualities that make her stand out in the industry, the moment she realized she was doing what she was born to do, and the biggest challenge she has had to face.

From Student Film Circuit to TV Appearances Angelique’s acting career started with small appearances in student films and later transitioned to commercials for brands like Ebay, Chevy, Captain Morgan, and Febreze.

She also made small TV appearances on shows like Insecure, The Neighborhood, and My Crazy Sex. Despite the ups and downs of the industry, Angelique is determined to grow and improve as an actress, knowing that it takes years of mastery of the craft and self to have longevity in the industry.


Angelique’s intense feelings as an actor are what sets her apart from others in the industry. She has worked hard to remain soft and open, recognizing that empathy is a superpower, and that having control over her emotions is a powerful tool she can use in her acting.

By allowing herself to feel everything, Angelique is able to bring authenticity and depth to her performances, making her scenes feel real to her audience.

Inspiring Others

Angelique’s moment of realization came during a school performance in 2015. After a fellow student approached her and told her that she inspired her and that the scene felt real, Angelique was struck by the importance of doing good work, regardless of representation. She realized that if she could inspire someone or spark their journey to become the next big star, then her work was done.

The Pandemic

The biggest challenge Angelique has faced is the pandemic. With everything coming to a halt, Angelique had to face her own self and find ways to keep her creative spark alive. However, she took this opportunity to hone her craft, work on her mental health, and develop new skills. Angelique emerged from the pandemic stronger and more determined than ever to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Angelique is a young actress on a mission to leave her mark in the entertainment industry. With her unique qualities, determination, and love for acting, she is sure to make a big impact in the industry.

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Last modified: February 12, 2023