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BT Releases Captivating New Single “k-means clustering” from Upcoming Album ‘The Secret Language of Trees’

GRAMMY-nominated composer, producer, technologist, and songwriter BT has unveiled his latest single, “k-means clustering,” available now on Monstercat Silk.

This instrumental masterpiece showcases BT’s unparalleled talent in blending cutting-edge synthesis, digital signal processing, and orchestral instrumentation, following in the footsteps of his critically acclaimed album, This Binary Universe.

Listen to “k-means clustering” here: https://monster.cat/kmeansclustering

“K-means clustering” presents a breathtaking fusion of a live cello quintet colliding with hyper-futuristic, splintering rhythmic figures, resulting in a harmonically rich and melodically captivating narrative.

In a music landscape dominated by instant gratification, this composition offers a refreshing departure from the norm.

As BT explains the inspiration behind the song’s title, “‘K-means clustering’ is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that aims to partition a dataset into distinct, non-overlapping clusters.

It is a way of making nodes in a data grouping that are hard to ascertain as a human due to our limited senses. This idea of finding interstitial relationships in data that are hard for the human mind to ascertain inspired the unusual instrumentation in this piece.”

“K-means clustering” is just a taste of what fans can expect from BT’s upcoming 15th studio album, The Secret Language of Trees, slated for release on July 11. This highly anticipated album represents a culmination of BT’s past and present experiments in pushing the boundaries of electronic composition, blending classical musical structures with academic rhythmic precepts.

Drawing inspiration from music pioneers such as Steve Reich, Alva Noto, Ian Xenakis, and John Cage, BT continues to captivate listeners with the collision of simple harmonic structure and complex rhythmic arrangements.

With a career spanning decades, BT has solidified his position as an electronic music pioneer. His groundbreaking software creations, including Stutter Edit and Break Tweaker, have garnered widespread acclaim, while his musical endeavors have earned him numerous accolades.

In 2010, BT received a GRAMMY nomination for “Best Electronic/Dance Album” for These Hopeful Machines. He is hailed as the creator of trance and has trailblazed through various genres such as IDM, breakbeat, and modern cinematic work.

Furthermore, BT has been making waves in the web3 space with his groundbreaking live-coded performances, and he recently emerged as a winner of the 2022 NFTNow NFT100 award.

In addition to his music career, BT is recognized as an accomplished software designer and has been working tirelessly on a new series of AI music-making tools set to revolutionize the industry.

Pre-Save ‘The Secret Language of Trees’ here:


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Last modified: June 6, 2023