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Dancing w/ Anxiety: P!PEllA’s Upcoming EP and How She’s Using Her Music to Address Mental Health

P!PEllA is a 23-year-old dream-punk artist and professional lyricist from Houston, Texas. She just released her first and second singles in 2021 and graduated with a Masters in Global Entertainment and Music Business from Berklee College of Music Valencia in July.

P!PEllA’s unique mix of dream-pop and pop-punk, with some influences from around the world, creates a genre of its own.

In a recent interview with The LA Note Magazine, P!PEllA talks about what sets her apart from other artists in the industry and the challenges she has had to overcome to pursue her dreams.

A Unique and One-of-a-Kind Artist

P!PEllA’s genre, “dream-punk,” is not easily definable, but that’s what makes her stand out from other artists. She also writes and performs in different languages, mainly English, Spanish, and Korean, and incorporates choreography into her songs for music videos and live shows.

P!PEllA’s EP “Danc!ng w/ Anx!ety,” to be released at the end of this year, features her first officially released Korean song.

Furthermore, P!PEllA is hosting a split genre virtual show called “Royal Opposites” on August 20th, half acoustic folk and half pop-punk, which promises to be an exciting and unique event.

From a Dream to a Career

P!PEllA knew from a young age that she wanted to chase the feeling that music gave her. She describes watching Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for the first time at the age of seven and feeling a swelling in her chest.

P!PEllA wanted to create film scores and joined her first choir almost immediately after, where singing gave her the same feeling she experienced while watching the movie.

She has a kind of image synesthesia, which leads her to create music that lets her see the images she likes. Her love of storytelling and the desire to connect with people who share her struggles with mental illness led her to become a lyricist.

Overcoming Stage Fright

P!PEllA’s biggest challenge has been stage fright, which made her blackout and forget what she was doing. She did not start to get over it until she joined a dance crew in college. Dancing on stage helped her start to become more comfortable again.

By the end of her senior year in college, P!PEllA was a choreographer and had the confidence to get on stage as a singer again.

Berklee helped her even further by allowing her to make her own music and show it to people who were also musicians and music business hopefuls. P!PEllA has found a way to use her stage fright to make an even more authentic show.

Meeting Her Musical Idols

If P!PEllA could pick the top three people she would want to meet that could take her career to the next level, it would be Max Martin, Day6, and Hayley Williams.

Max Martin is one of the most incredible songwriters and producers of modern music. Day6 is a Korean pop-rock band whose music was the soundtrack of P!PEllA’s time living in Korea.

Hayley Williams is someone who could take P!PEllA under her wing as a mentee and show her the tricks of being an awesome artist.

P!PEllA is a unique and talented artist who has found her voice and her niche in the music industry.

Her genre, dream-punk, and her incorporation of different languages and choreography into her music make her stand out from other artists. P!PEllA’s EP “D

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