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Seoul, South Korea – June 18, 2023 – ScreaM Records, the esteemed EDM label under the influential Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment, proudly presents the highly anticipated debut EP of rising star SUNGYOO, titled “Blue Lights.” Available now on all major digital and streaming platforms, SUNGYOO’s EP is set to captivate listeners with its infectious beats and genre-bending sound.

SUNGYOO, formerly known as Dream Hackers, emerged as a force to be reckoned with after his remarkable remix of MINSEO’s “Self_Trip” in July 2022. Now, under his new moniker, SUNGYOO continues to mesmerize fans and music enthusiasts with his remarkable talent and versatility across various house genres.


Listen to SUNGYOO’s “Blue Lights” EP

Leading the EP is the enchanting track “Blue Intro (Sweet Vanilla),” featuring an addictive drum loop and soothing brass sounds that instantly captivate the senses. Serving as a prelude to the album’s sweet and heartrending concept, this introductory track sets the stage for a remarkable musical journey.

The EP’s title track, “Tonight (feat. Thomas Daniel),” infuses the disco house genre with an irresistible danceable groove. Driven by a catchy vocal melody, vibrant guitar riffs, and captivating brass elements, this song paints a vivid picture of a sizzling, fun-filled summer night.

In the soul-stirring track “For My Own (feat. J.O.Y),” SUNGYOO masterfully blends sentimental love lyrics with a gentle guitar melody, allowing the vocals to flow effortlessly and creating an emotional connection with listeners.

Closing the EP is the vibrant disco pop house track “It’s Only You,” which showcases a cool and charming female vocal chop, perfect for enjoying a refreshing beer on a sultry summer night at a lounge.

Track Listing for SUNGYOO’s “Blue Lights” EP:

  1. Blue Intro (Sweet Vanilla)
  2. Tonight (feat. Thomas Daniel)
  3. For My Own (feat. J.O.Y)
  4. It’s Only You

Watch the music video for “For My Own (feat. J.O.Y)” on YouTube

SUNGYOO’s “Blue Lights” EP showcases his boundless creativity, exceptional production skills, and his ability to push boundaries within the EDM genre. It serves as a testament to his extraordinary talent and his potential to become a leading figure in the global EDM scene.

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