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Meet Striz, the NYC DJ Lighting Up Dance Floors with His Eclectic Sounds

New York City has a vibrant music scene, but few artists exemplify it as well as DJ and producer Striz. With his eclectic sound and high-energy performances, Striz is quickly becoming one of the city’s most sought-after DJs.

How Striz Found His Calling

Striz’s musical journey began at age 3 when he started piano lessons. He went on to learn guitar and saxophone, while continuing his classical piano studies. But it was electronic dance music that truly captured his heart.

After being exposed to EDM in high school, he began DJing bedroom parties with crowds of 100+ students. Once he played that first track and saw people dancing, he was hooked.

Since then, Striz has established himself in New York’s club scene, playing the city’s top venues alongside major acts. He’s also produced original tracks, amassing over 125,000 streams on streaming platforms.

The Qualities That Make Striz Unique

Growing up in NYC exposed Striz to diverse musical influences, from classic rock to rap and reggae. His 4 years working at Electric Daisy Carnival also gave him a masterclass in DJing from the world’s top EDM talents.

Later, Striz’s computer science studies instilled in him a technical precision and strong work ethic. Combined with his musical versatility, this makes for a unique artistic perspective.

As he puts it, Striz has “a diverse appreciation and understanding of music and performance, as well as a deep technical aptitude, perfectionist work ethic, and quick thinking.”

The Dream Show That Solidified His Calling

Last Halloween, Striz played a milestone show at NYC venue Musica that encapsulated his passion. Dressed up as his celebrity doppelgänger in a hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen costume, he unleashed an epic set on the 1200+ person crowd.

Seeing his closest friends up front and the whole venue dancing wildly, Striz realized DJing is exactly what he was meant to do. Sharing the music he loves on such a grand stage filled him with joy.

Overcoming Self-Doubt as a Solo Artist

As a solo producer, Striz sometimes struggles with anxiety about creating new music. The pressure to make quality tracks can lead to self-doubt.

To push past this, Striz remembers why he makes music – for the love of it. He’s built a community of fellow artists who provide feedback and inspiration. Most importantly, support from family and his fiancée motivates him to keep pursuing his passion.

Dream Mentors to Elevate Striz’s Career

If he could meet anyone, Striz would love to connect with Tiësto, Fisher, and manager Moe Shalizi. Tiësto’s success proves he understands longevity in EDM.

Fisher’s showmanship is captivating. And Shalizi is a branding master. All three could provide invaluable advice to elevate Striz’s career to the next level.

Striz Lights Up Dance Floors with His Love for Music

At the core, Striz just wants people to experience the same joy from music that he does. His diverse sound, high energy sets, and passion for his craft make him a DJ to watch in New York and beyond.

Judging by the crowds he draws, Striz is well on his way to establishing himself as one of the most exciting new talents on the electronic scene.Connect with Elias

Connect with Elias

Last modified: August 21, 2023