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The Power of Empathy in Art: An Interview with Bruna Fachetti

Bruna Fachetti is a creator and actress from Brazil who is empowering the world through the Arts. She started her journey by studying human development and spirituality, which led her to translate the Los Angeles bestseller “The Power of the Actor” into Portuguese.

She is now certified to teach the acting technique, which is based on the behavior of dynamic people and seeks to take the victimization out of the arts to empower the world.

In this interview with the LA Note Magazine, Bruna shares her story and discusses the unique qualities that set her apart in the industry.

The Turning Point

Bruna’s turning point came when she started studying human development and spirituality. She realized that obstacles weren’t meant to be played, but overcome.

This realization changed the game for her and taught her that the way to empower the world through the Arts is to create content and techniques that seek to attend to basic human needs.

“I’ve integrated my teaching work with tools from Familiar Constellation (a powerful method of mediation adopted by the justice system in Brazil) and nonviolent communication,” Bruna explains. “My recent projects are the book ‘Infinite – an Animated Odyssey’ based on a real story of a guy that gets stuck in an elevator and needs to face his darkest fears, traumas, and memories in order to get out.

The next book is coming out in a few days and it’s called ‘Mom, what are my emotions for’, with the purpose to help kids learn how to embrace and understand their own emotions.”

Unique Qualities

What sets Bruna apart from everyone else in the industry is her empathy, passion for life’s mysteries and development, and her culture and personal history. Being a female from the South of Brazil and then moving to Rio de Janeiro taught her empathy, as it was hard for her.

She realized that everyone is special in their own way, and empathy is the number one tool for great work as an artist.

“By not copying or trying to reproduce something but embracing our nature, it already gives us the single gestures and manners that only each individual can reproduce,” Bruna explains. “Then, being able to make bold choices, so we can be creative and innovative.

That is something that I always try to bring to my work.”

Doing What She Was Born to Do

Bruna realized she was doing what she was born to do when she got a call to do a commercial for a big network that same afternoon. She almost rejected it due to the traffic in Rio de Janeiro, but she said yes and rushed to get there.

When she arrived at the studio, she felt like she was in paradise. Even though she had to wait long hours in a waiting room with other actors, she was happy to be there.

“When we finished shooting in this huge studio with a green screen, they called us to shoot another thing with a famous presenter of one of their most watched shows,” Bruna recalls. “When I saw him in person, I couldn’t believe it. He was so nice… We shared the stage with him just like in a movie with a happy ending.”

Empowering the World Through the Arts

Bruna’s ultimate goal is to produce films with important narratives such as communication, financial education, and self-love but in a fresh entertaining way. She wants to empower the world through the Arts and help people understand their own emotions and needs. With her unique qualities and passion for life, Bruna is well on her way to achieving her goal.

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Last modified: March 12, 2023